Xbox Game Pass adds a new Final Fantasy game


Xbox Game Pass added a new installment in the Final Fantasy series to the subscription service today. In recent years, Xbox Game Pass has seen a number of Final Fantasy franchise titles land on the service at one time or another. And while some of these games have been more popular than others, today’s addition is perhaps one of the lesser-known entries in the long-running RPG series.

Nowadays, Return of Lightning: Final Fantasy XIII has officially arrived on Xbox Game Pass. The game is the third installment of Final Fantasy XIII series and brings the conclusion of the story that began with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. Quick returns is also coming to both Xbox Game Pass for console and PC, meaning all subscribers to the service will be able to access this title.

Although Return of Lightning: Final Fantasy XIII joining Xbox Game Pass alone might not make much sense, Square Enix also added the two games that preceded it to Game Pass. As such, if you were looking to play the entirety of Final Fantasy XIII series, Game Pass now gives subscribers the ability to download and play all three games.

If you want to know more about Return of Lightning: Final Fantasy XIIIyou can check out a game trailer and description below.

Quick returns is the final chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII saga and the final battle of the heroine of the Lightning series. The grand finale of the trilogy brings a reborn world along with free character customization and stunning action-based battles.

The world is sinking into a sea of ​​chaos, and in thirteen days there will be nothing left. Although the planet is doomed, there is still hope for those who inhabit it. After centuries of crystalline stasis, a hero has awakened – a legendary warrior charged with a God-given mission to save the souls of mankind. His name: Lightning. With incredible strength and an arsenal of new weapons, she has everything she needs for the battle ahead. Everything except time. And now she has to make an impossible choice.”

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